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  According to a new report from the European Biological Association, there is potential for further improvement in the field of bioenergy. Today, about 70 per cent of the total bioenergy from forestry comes from European raw materials, and the rest comes from waste and agriculture. On the contrary, the EU's growing forests, 62% of the EU's growing forests (timber supply areas), are annual gains.
  In Europe, bioenergy has also fostered considerable economic growth and helped create jobs. Compared with other renewable and non-renewable energy technologies, due to additional elements of raw material production, supply, processing, logistics, the employment potential of bioenergy has absolute advantages. Previous studies have shown that biomass power generation is required to work three to six times as much as fossil fuels.
  In the new normal economy, the growth rate of bio-energy machinery industry has increased significantly, and the development of granular machinery enterprises is also coexisting with difficulties and opportunities. How to avoid risks? How to seize the opportunity? How to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition? How to get through the cold thinking period under the Internet boom? All these are the problems that the bioenergy industry must face.
  With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the Internet + shredder has created unlimited possibilities. The Internet of the channels, the Internet of the products and the Internet of marketing are interwoven and symbiotic, and the era of granular electromechanical business has quietly arrived.
  Under the background of the impact of the environment on the machinery market, the mode of Internet machinery has brought new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of granular machinery enterprises. With the rising cost of traditional channels, the traditional channel cost bubble is broken through new channels, and the industry data are collected by the Internet, which opens a new path for the traditional particle machine enterprises to break through the bottleneck of development.
  The consumer army of e-commerce is growing rapidly, which promotes the development of new channels in metal shredder industry. Despite the advantages of traditional channel layout and deep cultivation space still exist, the new channel shows a more rapid development trend. How to integrate the traditional channel and the new channel and break the existing channel dilemma has become an important part of the transformation and upgrading of granular machine enterprises under the tide of the Internet. The concept of "Internet +" has successfully ignited the transformation and upgrading of the machinery market, and the market competition in the future will be even more tragic.
  Production process of biomass energy
  Customers use the vertical ring-shaped granulator, all of which are made of corn, wheat, soybean meal and other crop straw, or peanut hull, corn cob, cotton stalk, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other wastes as raw materials, which are crushed by the straw mill, and then processed into cylindrical and lumpy biomass particles. Workers need to collect crop raw materials crush granulator or compactor pressing cooling bagging sales. The main points are as follows: according to the different harvest period of crop straw, large amount of raw materials should be stored in time, and then crushed and shaped; when forming, attention should be paid not to immediately pack bags, because the principle of heat rise and cold contraction is to be cooled for 40 minutes, then packed and transported.
  Customers use the vertical ring-shaped granulator, all of which are made of corn, wheat, soybean meal and other crop straw, or peanut hull, corn cob, cotton stalk, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other wastes as raw materials, which are crushed by the straw mill, and then processed into cylindrical and lumpy biomass particles. Next, Xiaobian will introduce some of its characteristics to you.
  Advantage 1: High precision involute cylindrical helical gear direct transmission, transmission efficiency as high as 98%.
  Advantage 2: Normalizing heat treatment after water forging of transmission gear billet improves the hardness of tooth surface; carburizing treatment is adopted on tooth surface, the depth of carburizing layer is up to 2.4mm, which enhances wear resistance and prolongs the service life of parts; and the hard tooth surface is treated by silent fine grinding and flanging process, which makes the operation more quiet and stable.
  Advantages 3: The main shaft and hollow shaft are made of German imported alloy structural steel by water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, finishing turning and fine grinding. The reasonable structure and uniform hardness improve the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the parts, and provide more reliable guarantee for safe operation.
  Advantage 4: The main engine box is made of high quality steel, with uniform thickness and compact structure, and is carefully processed by Swiss imported CNC machining center, with zero error in processing accuracy. Provide more powerful support for normal operation.
  Advantage 5: The bearings and oil seals used in the transmission part adopt high-precision bearings imported from Japan and fluororubber oil seals imported from the United States with wear resistance and temperature resistance. In addition, lubrication and oil return system is specially added, oil circulation cooling and automatic timing oil lubrication are provided. Ensure that the bearings are fully lubricated and run safely and reliably.
  Advantage 6: The bearings used in the granular forming system are all high quality silent bearings, and the lubrication system of dilute oil circulation cooling is increased. The service life of the bearings is longer and the operation is safer.
  Advantage 7: Ring die is made of stainless high nickel steel with high grade. The unique compression ratio is designed reasonably, which makes the product quality better, the service life of the ring die longer, and reduces the production cost to the greatest extent.
  Advantage 8: The new generation of biomass yawning granulator is developed and designed by a well-known senior designer in the United States, specializing in sawdust granulation. The company has its own production base. The 450 biomass granulator is the most stable, reliable, efficient, safe and economical type which has been tested and demonstrated in the factory for 100 times. The equipment can run continuously for 24 hours.



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