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  Regarding the area of coal control, the most important factor is economy. Data show that biomass fuel heating is cheaper than natural gas. Taking Guangdong as an example, the price of industrial steam for natural gas heating is about 390-450 yuan per ton. Compared with biomass briquette fuel boiler heating, the price is more than 100 yuan lower. Therefore, when the natural gas price exceeds 3.5 yuan/cubic meter, the advantages of heating cost of biomass briquette fuel boilers are prominent, the market level is high, and no state subsidies are needed.
  The fuel produced by straw granulator has obvious advantages over natural gas.
  As we all know, the external dependence rate of natural gas in China is increasing year by year, and the bottleneck of natural gas resources is prominent. Local governments are scrambling for coal-to-natural gas projects, resulting in resource panic, high natural gas prices and an obvious upward trend. In Wang Zhongying's opinion, coal to biomass is an important supplement to coal to natural gas. China has abundant biomass resources, which are widely distributed, and can be used as energy sources for maize, rice, wheat, cotton, oil crop straw and agricultural products processing surplus resources. The annual amount of biomass resources is about 200 million tons of standard coal, and about 200 million tons of forest surplus such as fuel forest, forestry, three residues, wood processing residues, totaling about 4 billion tons of standard coal each year. 100 million tons of standard coal. Radical budget, heating with biomass briquette fuel can replace at least 75% of bulk coal, which is feasible in terms of resources, technology and other conditions.
  Finland, Denmark and Austria accounted for 43%, 28% and 31% of the total thermal consumption respectively. At present, renewable energy in China is mainly used for power generation, and its thermal consumption is still low. Biomass briquette fuel boiler heating is a renewable energy heating mode with low carbon, clean, environmental protection and economy. Actively developing biomass briquette fuel boiler heating has opened up a new category of new energy thermal application and accelerated the progress of the proportion of new energy in energy consumption.
  Compared with conventional thermal consumption and application modes such as relying on large-scale long-distance transportation of fossil fuels, centralized establishment of large-scale heating projects, and planning of large-scale pipeline network, biomass briquette boiler heating is a typical distributed heating mode. It collects raw materials locally, consumes locally, and replaces side-burning directly at the end of consumption on the same day. Coal heating, decentralized planning, sensitive operation, strong compliance, can meet the diversified demand for heat, is an important part of the reactionary energy consumption and consumption mode.
  The fuel produced by straw granulator has obvious advantages over natural gas.
  It is understood that biomass briquette boiler heating is a typical endogenous emerging industry. It collects raw materials in situ, processes in situ and produces heat near the boiler. In the process of collecting raw materials, the price of raw materials arrives at the factory is about 250-350 yuan per ton, and that of processed fuel is about 800-1000 yuan per ton. The value of heat generated exceeds 1300 yuan. At the same time, many jobs are provided to cultivate a new industry for the locality. Using biomass briquette fuel for heating instead of 75% bulk coal, 80 million tons of new biomass briquette fuel can be used, constituting a new biomass energy industry with an annual output value of 200 billion yuan. An endogenous industry can be fostered by using part of the cost of imported natural gas to support domestic biomass briquette fuel heating.
  Heating of biomass briquette fuel is a complete non-governmental investment, which covers the whole industrial chain of biomass resource collection, consumption of briquette fuel, heating service of boilers, research and development of briquette machinery and technology of biomass boilers. It is a typical non-governmental investment-led clean energy industry. The demonstration project is also a positive response to the national policy on private investment, which is conducive to guiding private capital to invest in the field of clean energy.
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